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The Power of Words

I love transformational literature which can bring an “ah ha!” experience of awareness that changes the way you look at the world.

Good books do this as they bond us with stories and characters that bring delight, hope and inspiration. To inspire, “to breathe with” another, this is what readers do with authors when they meet in a book!

I hope we will meet each other in ever wider circles of inspiration to create a healthy, loving world. Maria J. Andrade, Marriage, Family Counselor & Author.

Personally dedicated books - Here

Meditation for Peace & Healing

Diamond Mind/Sacred Mirrror -ebook  (Read it on your Kindle or phone)     

On Love & Relationship

Heart Magic, Keeping Love Alive & Well - A marriage survival book, a premarital guide book, a gift to help your love last. 

Magia del Corazon, Manteniendo el Amor Vivo y Saludable -Spanish version.

Join the discussion on Love and Partnership


Singing My Self Home- Poems about love, dreams and the crisis of our time

Science Fiction / Ecology

The Return, A Time  When Nature Seeks Justice - The Earth is responding in unusual ways and her wayward children are under going a transformative journey.   Read it!

Books for Children

Youngen Finds Her Song, An Inspiring Adventure From The Heart Of Nature Support literacy and delight children with a journey of self discovery, friendship, earth stewardship, and compassion! Also encourages interest in (birds, insects, astronomy, paleontology).

Jennifer Magicum, The Vanishing Cat - A cat teaches a family and young readers to love and care for their pets. An uproarious and heartwarming tale! Read what the Humane Society of America’s Youth Publication Director says about the story.

Why Dear Mrs. Sullivan Is Distressed - Written in rhyme to introduce poetry and humor to children as well as curiosity about the world of insects. A lady hippo who is ready for her tub keeps finding bugs in it!

Books dedicated to the power of love& imagination written for adults and children to inspire literacy, vision and a unified world.

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