Youngen Finds Her Song

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A book for children inspiring, hope, compassion and wonder

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Adults Say:
“Youngen, is bringing joy and hope to our children.” - Denise Martin,  The Starlight Foundation,  Los Angeles

 “Thank you for your hard work and support.”  Rebecca J. Farrell,
 St. Jude Children Research Hospital

Kids say:
“Youngen is a great book. It showed me to respect nature.”   Roman P.  - California

“A little bird learns about friendship, caring for others and hope. The CD brings it all to life!”
Shawn C. - Arkansas

“The fun story of two birds on a journey that teaches about the wonders around us.” -
David S. -  New York


“Classic tale about a bird on a journey to find her song is actually a spiritual and psychological metaphor for our own journey toward wholeness.” -  New Perspectives

“Believing in oneself is a valuable and important skill. This story is about building self confidence and self respect. This is and inspiring and motivating tale for those two to ninety two!  - The Midwest Book Review
Teachers, bring Youngen to your school as these educators have and inspire your students in literacy, literature and the love of nature!
Upland High School - CA
The Starlight Foundation, NY & CA
St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, TN
Lenape Elementary School, New Paltz, NY
Duzine Elementary School, New Paltz, NY
Fred Erksine Elementary School, San Dimas, CA
Akwesasne Freedom School, Saratoga Springs, NY
Change fire Orphanage, Baja, Mexico
Oakland Public Education Fund Schools, Oakland, CA


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Rufus and Youngen say:

There is a lot of need in our world. We must learn to honor ourselves, care for others and for the natural world. Come join us in a wondrous journey!

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Teaches children: self respect, friendship, earth stewardship, and the wonders of nature. Also encourages learning about birds, insects, astronomy and paleontology.