Diamond Mind/Sacred Mirror

   a Meditation of Freedom


The words in this meditation arose during a time when i was gravely ill. it was by repeating these words that i found myself returning to the path of wellness.

my hope is that you will find healing in mind, body and spirit by reading the words in this text and more than reading it, that you feel it in your heart and spirit!

The cover of this book contains the “shri yadra” mandala an ancient, powerful and sacred image used in meditation. it represents nine interlocking triangles which symbolize the female and male aspects of the divine. in the very center is the meeting place with the godhead. it draws us to our own soul power from which all guidance arises.

What people are saying about,  Diamond Mind Sacred Mirror;

“Thank you for your beautiful book. It is a living poem, full of wisdom and hope.” - Alberto Villoldo Ph.d  (Founder, The Four Winds Society)

This meditation book really helped me in my recovery. I enjoyed the history in the beginning. I read this morning and night and it has greatly helped with my routine and my anxiety. It's helped me live in the now, and let go of things that used to control my mind. It's short and sweet and great for someone with a short attention span. I could actually commit to reading it and sticking to it in my daily life. I enjoy Maria's words, creativity and ability to make the book relatable to everyone enjoying it. This book has so much positive energy and can be read by people of any religion.”  Neena D. 

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